Micheal Singh Osteopath

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Michael Singh

BSc(ClinSc) MHSc(Osteo) MAOA

Michael graduated from Victoria University in 2015 with a Masters in Osteopathy. He specialises in treating: neck and shoulder pain, low back pain and sciatica as well as ergonomic injuries in the workplace. He also has a passion for treating sports injuries which has stemmed from an active lifestyle, playing premier cricket and national level karate.
Having grown up in Bayside, Michael has also been involved with the Brighton Grammar football team for several years, treating many sporting injuries and managing players throughout the season.
Combined with his own experience in sport, Michael has a thorough understanding of the
mechanisms of sporting injuries and how to manage pain.
This has lead Michael to treat in a structural manner where he focuses on finding the source of the pain and giving symptomatic relief. Michael achieves this by using a variety of osteopathic techniques, including deep soft tissue massage and spinal joint manipulation, that are best suited to your individual needs. He also ensures that he educates his patients on the most effective ways to accelerate their healing time, as well as maintaining their overall health and well-being.